‘Ahead of’


Saying ‘ahead of’ when you mean ‘before’ isn’t a thing.

I know it’s terrible to bash the BBC given that everybody does it all the time. Too biased. Too populist. Not populist enough. Too many channels. Too many offshoots. Unfairly ‘competing’. Why should I have to pay my licence fee when I only ever watch all those BBC-funded services online? Oh and the licence fee, well yes. I can have a jolly good moan about that whilst thinking nothing of laying out £45 a month for Sky. Presenter salaries. Copycat formats. Things a different set of people did or didn’t do in the seventies. They should have known! Why didn’t the BBC know? They need to be scaled back.

But here goes anyway. The BBC are trying to abolish the word ‘before’ and replace it with ‘ahead of’. They use it all the time. How dare they?

Ahead of the vote in the Lords. Ahead of the conference. Ahead of the budget statement. Ahead of the weather forecast. Ahead of the Wimbledon final. Ahead of the news headlines.

So take that, BBC, and add it to your pile of unfair criticisms. It’s pretty much the only one that isn’t completely unmerited.