Talk track

PowerPoint presentations are no longer just presented. They now have a “talk track”.

No, I’ve no idea exactly when it happened, but in the time since PowerPoint slides stopped being presented and started being talked to, there has been a further mutation in the awful corporate lexicon.

It is a development which provides additional confirmation that everyone in offices fundamentally believes they are working in media, tv and probably film, rather than whiling away the precious hours until death on a nondescript business park just outside Swindon, or wherever it is.

Shall I add this into the slides?

No, the slides are a bit busy. Just include it in the talk track.

And by talk track, let us be clear, we just mean “the things you will say when you present it”.

So “include it in the talk track” is just a new, blustery, way of saying “say it”.

Not for the first time, I get a strong sense that we have broken the world.