And yet. And yet.


Guardian journalists, and perhaps all journalists, keep saying “And yet. And yet.” And yet, and yet, that’s not a thing.

No but they do though:
Like here.
Or here.
And here. And here.

Obviously it’s not just them. It’s the Telegraph too. And the Independent. And the BBC.

“And yet. And yet” appears to be spreading like a contagion through the media. I bet Robert Peston says it all the time. Yes, that’ll be it. It’s no quicker than saying “nevertheless” but it’s clearly designed to introduce some rhythm or pace to whatever is being written. Maybe it’s written into these organisations’ style guides. Except that, if everyone writes the same thing all the time, they all end up sounding like the same airheaded idiot who came up with the phrase in the first place.

I imagine you’re going to tell me it was either some Haiku poet, or Sting, who is responsible. Either way, I rest my case.