“Visually see”


I’m not sure there’s any other kind of seeing.

This week I’ve been mainly trying to sort out my son’s access to his savings account.

HSBC helpfully have a rule which states that, even though I have done all the paperwork and act as trustee on the account, I’m not allowed to request simple changes to the account, such as “please correct the account holder’s gender” over the phone.

No, in order to do that, I’d have to go along to the branch. Branch hours are 9.00 – 3.30, weekdays only, so off I trundle one lunchtime to sort it out.

“And where is your son?”
“Well, he’s at school”
“We have to be able to visually see him in order to validate that it’s definitely his account”

Given that they don’t have a picture of him, I argue that seeing him won’t help any more than will a process requiring children to attend a bank during school hours.

So the bank will continue with its gender error for several more weeks, leaving me only to ponder what other types of seeing there might be other than ones that are visual.


3 thoughts on ““Visually see”

  1. How can they only be open for those hours? Do you live in the back of beyond? Surely all banks at the very least open for a few hours on a Saturday?

  2. a bit like a time delay…what other kind of delay could there be?

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