‘Talking to’ – the latest craze in dull meeting speak


‘Talking about’ has suddenly become ‘Talking to’. Which is a thing, albeit quite a different thing entirely.

Nobody knows when, but at some point in the recent past, people doing presentations started to “talk to” a subject, rather than about it. Nowadays you talk to an agenda, talk to a subject, talk to a presentation or talk to a slide, or even talk to a requirement but you rarely discuss a subject or talk about it. You don’t present things either. Presenting is a bit linear, whereas ‘talking to’ suggests that you are releasing your inner creative*, forever prepared to go off piste with some amazing insight into the matter at hand which has only just occurred to your brilliant brain.

If only these talkings-to were literal. Literally talking to an agenda would make for quite an eccentric half hour. Sadly, most attempts to talk to a subject bear no marks of dissimilarity from a bog standard old-school presentation.

Any questions?

*this nounless adjective probably just needs finishing off with something like “self”.


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